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Rules of Discipline

BSGM School endeavours to provide a school environment that is safe and stimulating for the children in our care. Our Rules of Discipline reflects the overall positive approach we have in our school towards all aspects of children’s learning and development:-

  • • Students are expected to conduct themselves in a dignified and responsible manner.
  • • As a school we very strongly feel the need for children to attend school regularly and punctually in order to derive maximum benefit from the school’s curriculum. Regular attendance is essential for the academic and personal development of children.
  • • The School is not responsible for the loss of article (s) of value in the school premises. Wearing of expensive watches and jewellery is prohibited.
  • • Students are allowed to enter the School only in School Uniform.
  • • All students are expected to be polite, courteous and respectful. They must wish their teachers when they meet them.
  • • Mobile phones or any other electronic gadget is not permissible in the premises. If found, management has a right to cease it.
  • • All students are expected to come to school neatly dressed up in properly ironed clothes and polished shoes. Untidy students would be liable for punishments.
  • • Late comers are liable to be sent back home or fined.
  • • Perfect silence and discipline has to be maintained in the class room.
  • • Any damage to school property/premises will enforce punitive measure such as paying a fine in accordance with the damage caused.
  • • In case of absenteeism a student must submit a written application to the class teacher.

News & Events

16th Annual Day celebrated on 20th December 2019

A Session conducted on ' Cyber Law & Security '
by the students of Government Institute of
Forensic Science in collaboration with Quick Heal Foundation for the
std. 8 to 12.