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Managing Trustee

Dr.Yash Hiroo Gursahani
M.Sc (Bio-Technology) Managing Trustee,

Dr Gurusahani Foundation

Dear Parents, For us at BSGM School, molding young minds and stretching it to extents never imagined, is paramount. We believe in maintaining a carefully planned and balanced curriculum. This ingenious mix of academics, sports, performing arts and social welfare initiatives, makes our school a holistic learning experience for your child. Just as a mother watches her child grow, I have seen this school coming up step by step. And every step of the school towards progress has given me immense pleasure and enormous satisfaction.

Serving to the intermediate block of society, we have pledged to give the world to our students at a moderate cost. In this modern era, it’s a dream of every parent to have a child who would grow into a successful human being, who should not only be blessed with values and virtues but should also excel at life skills and should be able to leave an imprint on people’s life.

Here at BSGM we are on the lines of fulfilling this dream. Preparing children for life calls for equipping them with finer values and academic competencies. We have designed a curriculum which brings out the hidden potential of every child which makes the child more confident and apt to face this competent world. Apart from the regular classroom teaching, we ensure that our students are exposed to hands on training on the aspects they have learnt in the class.

The student’s concepts are also made clearer with video lessons, thus emphasizing on learning, writing and seeing. Over the years, students are gradually moulded and coloured to take just the right shape and shade to become worthy citizens of our nation. Our qualified, committed and caring staff works dedicatedly, day and night, to bring the best out of the children, make them responsible, well rounded individuals that define the future.

News & Events

16th Annual Day celebrated on 20th December 2019

A Session conducted on ' Cyber Law & Security '
by the students of Government Institute of
Forensic Science in collaboration with Quick Heal Foundation for the
std. 8 to 12.